Gaeta's Tomato Pie | 7616 Castor Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, United States | 2157452262

Delicious homemade goodness

      "I can still remember having pie every Friday night and watching Sanford and Son with my sisters. We would ALWAYS fight over the last piece! And nowadays we still travel from NJ to get daughter is hooked!"

     "I grew up in Oxford Circle but we would still travel here just for the tomato pie!"

     "I remember spending many dinner-times in Mary's (former co-owner Mary Gaeta) kitchen, dipping rolls into her pot of sauce. She always fed us, even when we weren't hungry. What great memories, sitting under the grape arbor, watching the old guys play bocci ball and listening to the good-natured yelling that went along with it!"

Memories. Community. Family and friends.     

These are some of the bricks that make up the solid foundation of Gaeta's Italian Bakery. A successful, family-owned and operated business for over 75 years, Gaeta's was originally named "Scalea's" and located in Germantown, PA. Presently, you'll find Gaeta's (and it's "Best of Philly"-winning tomato pie) nestled in the heart of the Northeast. What you'll also find there is owner, Frank Straface - quite often laughing and joking with either his tight-knit staff or with one of his many, loyal customers. What makes Gaeta's tomato pie so special? Just ask Frank, himself.    

  "It's something nobody else has. The sauce, the crust. It's something nobody has been able to duplicate."   

   Gaeta's has some strong roots. It all began with the Italian heritage of sisters Mary and Buscalene. Buscalene married Ralph Scalea and, together, they began making tomato pies in their basement. After eventually entering a storefront, two moves later, the business was sold to the Gaeta family (sister Mary and her husband, Jimmy) and it settled in it's current location, 7616 Castor Avenue. Current owner, Frank, was a frequent customer at the location in Germantown, as a boy - which, perhaps, explains his passion for the product.     

Even though it seems Gaeta's could easily thrive for years on it's celebrated, sauce-enrobed champ alone, they are not stopping at tomato pie.      

 Frank and his posse have already branched out into a delicious, cheesy round pie and some out-of-this-world rolls and breads and it seems the future holds endless possibilities, including recent renovations to the long-standing establishment.  

    So, join the many mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles who have passed down their love for Gaeta's through the generations and stop in to see what's cookin! There's always room for one more in the family.