Gaeta's Tomato Pie | 7616 Castor Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, United States | 2157452262

Gaeta’s Italian Bakery is an award-winning, family owned-and-operated eatery in Northeast Philadelphia – here since 1976. In total, we have been serving this community for over 40 years and our roots can be traced back over 75 years.

Originally run out of a small basement in Germantown, Scalea’s (as we were formerly known), served the most delicious handmade tomato pie around – and we still do.

"I remember spending many dinner-times in Mary's (former co-owner Mary Gaeta) kitchen, dipping rolls into her pot of sauce. She always fed us, even when we weren't hungry. What great memories, sitting under the grape arbor, watching the old guys play bocci ball and listening to the good-natured yelling that went along with it!"

This is just one of hundreds of stories that have come in through the doors over the years – and now, with a thriving social media presence, we get to hear even more. Our customers and their undying loyalty to our one-of-a-kind product are the heart and soul of our business. Our dedication to maintaining the traditional recipe has cemented our tomato pie as a staple at dinner tables for generations to come.

A great deal of  our customer base is still right here in Philadelphia, but over the years, many have moved away. We get comments on a DAILY basis from re-located customers, clamoring for a taste of their long-lost family favorite.

“Missing my tomato pie in Roxborough"

 “Best tomato pie in philly when I order it I usually get two because my out of town family won't let me stay at their Scranton mountain house on the lake if I don't have a Gaetas pie !!!”

“When are you guys coming to Manayunk??”

“I live in South Philly and no one compares to yours” “Love Gaetas tomato pie. Live in Fl, will be in philly soon. Definitely stopping by for tomato pie.”

“Please start selling in Doylestown!”

And now, we’re trying to make that happen. We are looking to partner with area retailers to bring this one-of-a-kind flavor not only to our transplanted customers but also to an entirely new customer-base who may have not yet heard of this sauce-enrobed champ.

For more information on carrying our products please contact us at:

Phone: 267.252.0932